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Frequently asked questions

Can I ride my bike on the bike path?

Of course, the bike path is open to anyone who wants to walk, bike, skate or scooter along it.

Why should I rent a bike if I already own one?

You can reach the bike path with your own vehicles on which to load bikes or other things but it may be more practical to rent on site, especially for families.

Does NoloBici rent only bicycles?

No, we also have e-bikes, scooters, electric scooters, rickshaws with 2 and 4 seats and more: see the catalog.

What type of rental contract can I choose?

At NoloBici you can rent a bike for a few hours, for half a day, for a whole day, for several days or even months: discover the prices.

Are there any rest stops where you can take a break?

Of course, there are 4 refreshment points along the route, all with space to leave your bike. It is also possible to get off the bike path, perhaps to visit one of the points of interest and eat something in a quaint location.

How long is the bike path? How is the terrain?

From San Lorenzo al Mare to Ospedaletti the track is 24 km long, almost always completely flat and paved.

Are your bikes equipped with child seats?

Yes! At the time of rental let us know what you need: we have child seats and trolleys for children to be secured to the NoloBici bikes. Consult the catalog to know the prices.

Can I bring my pet as well?

Maximum freedom to use the bike path with whoever you want, even with your pet, respecting the civic rules common to all outdoor areas. With NoloBici you can also rent a trolley for animals. Consult the catalog to know the prices.

What happens if I can't finish the rental in the NoloBici point where I started it?

You can easily leave the bike at another NoloBici point, with a surcharge of 3 € on the rental fee.

What can I do if I get a flat tire or have other problems with one of your vehicles?

You can contact us at +39 349 4916209 counting on NoloBici’s assistance: we will tell you immediately how to solve the problem. We are also ready to reach you where our intervention is needed.