La Riviera dei Fiori

The Riviera dei Fiori is the stretch of the Liguria coast, which is part of the west Riviera Ligure which It extends from Capo Mele to the border with France, after Ventimiglia. It is characterized by beach at times wide and sandy, sometimes pebble, often with sheer cliffs, and by a hinterland that quickly becomes alpine, between medieval villages, lush gardens, enchanting coastlines and pristine valleys. Typical of the Riviera dei Fiori is the extremely mild climate, little rain and very sunny.

This is a land that breathes history, as evidenced by the archaeological remains of the Balzi Rossi prehistoric caves, the Roman Theatre in Ventimiglia, the several medieval villages preserved intact until today. There is also theaters, museums, historical buildings, Baroque churches, old mills and country inns where you can taste the specialties of the Ligurian cuisine. We go from the worldliness of the coastal cities to the quiet almost mystical medieval villages in the hinterland.