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“Welcome to NoloBici! We are located at various points along the bicycle path, and we are here to offer you assistance during your tour: from the choice of the most suitable means and tips to have a perfect day on bike. We look forward to put us at your service! "

The Bicycle Path

24 km of flat route

Cycling tours

Make unique your relaxing moments: with us you can do it. Every day of the year when you want, with who you want, and how you want. You can travel peacefully along the bike path, or decide to begin one of the "journeys" that we can offer you. You just choose which one you prefer, decide by which kind of byke undertake it, and leave for a different day than usual.


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Other routes

The cycle track of the Parco Costiero Ponente Ligure is the starting point for many bike paths that allow fans to discover the rich and fascinating hinterland of Sanremo and its valleys.
Twelve months a year, bikers from all over the world gathering on the streets of Ponente Ligure to train, using the numerous possibilities offered by the extraordinary geography position and the exceptionally mild climate of the Riviera dei Fiori.
Even beginners and families can use them, starting from the Bicycle Path and renting the bike more suitable.

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The photogallery of Nolobici

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Meteo San Remo

Parco Urbano

Parco Urbano Cafe is located in the Imperia Park, coffee, Catering, Cocktail & Lounge Bar, Events space, Live Music.

Scalo 4

We are one of the dining facilities located along the Bicycle Path of the Parco Costiero Ponente Ligure. We are exactly in Santo Stefano al Mare, to offer you some relaxing moments, perhaps adults relishing something under the sun, and children can play freely.
Our point Scalo4 is also easily accessible by car.

Lo Staff

Presto on line anche le foto di tutto lo staff Nolobici...